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We represent the medical materials and advanced treatment patterns improved for various diseases to the sector’s service.


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Hitit Medical

Since 1986, operating successfully in the medical sector, our company has aimed to give different and long-term serve to the sector with its pioneer and modern studies. Aiming the best at the sell and after sell service topics, our company distrubute the products having CE certificate that has permission for import and use the medical products in Europen countries. With its dealer network including the head office located in İzmir, Hitit Medical delivers its sell and after sell services succesfully all over the country.

Cell separator apheresis devices and, in relation with it, immunoadsorbtion columns and filters executing extracorporeal plasma treatment procedures; liver support system; local chemotherapy device; blast plasma freezers and solvers used in blood bank; fibrin glue production device; cord blood bank, catheter closing solution and ethylene oxide sterilization systems are among our products.

Our aim is to serve to every point of Turkey with widespread sales and marketing stuff based on customer satisfaction.