Plasauto ∑

It’s is an ideal and multifunctional system for the clinical centers performing the therapeutic apheresis and continuous renal replacement treatment (CRRT). It’s full equipped with new designed casette tubing sets and multi CPU system. Designed for meeting the next generation requirements, Plasauto ∑ leads with its great reliability in domain of full purification.

Why is it fast?

Casette tubing system and pump with moveable head reduces the preparation time of the tubing sets. In comparison to the conventional systems, Plasauto ∑ reduces the filling time thanks to the automatically filling function.

Why is it safe?

Its unique technologie on the liquid removal control allow the treatment performed with high precision. The airless pressure chamber minimalized the contact between air and blood.

Why is it smart?

Plasauto ∑ is a multifunctional system for all the treatments methods in therapeutic apheresis and CRRT. The device have various control functions like returning of the plasma automatically and automatic alarm control conducting with pressure.